Heart Energy
By Merete Gundersen

Heart Energy
By Merete Gundersen

Paperback: 64 pages

Publisher : Universel Groth Publishing

ISBN: 0972347127

Book Description: Meditation through the heart and exercises that work with feelings can inspire a path of discovery to new creative talents and well-being. You can be able to rich a higher state of mind.

With tenderness, love and wisdom, this little book caresses us with the beautiful vibrations of the heart.  Merete speaks to us like an old friend about the language of the heart and how to understand it.The key  is to open our heart petals, thereby releasing old issues and dramas, initiate changes and comprehend the healing powers of the universe.

In our true ego we find the highest vibration of love and our purpose in life. However, another ego form will distort our growth. If we work consciously with the energy of heart, we can find a divine human being inside ourselves.

Merete guides us through meditation and visualization, chakra cleansing and a method of opening the gate to the heart ¡s petals, one by one.  After passing through the emotions involved, the reward is a new quality of life, more happiness, better relationships and more love.

A personal gift for someone you care about – yourself. Being responsible for your own happiness will change your life. Honesty and a little willingness to work with your feelings will actually lead you on a path of discovery to new creative talents and a new quality of life.


Merete Gundersen, founder of the Source of Life Institute of information, education and exchange for spiritual and cultural development in Denmark, has developed a method of working with HEART ENERGY, the title of her new book. Through relating the heart to a flower, she introduces us to ourselves, petal by petal.
Meditation and visualization exercises are used to easily recognize familiar feelings, both good and bad. Merete guides us in how to balance and integrate the polarity of each feeling into our mind. Courage to face our issues takes on new meaning for us and the result allows for more love to flow through our lives. 



Merete relates the 12 heart petals to the wisdom of the 12 apostles.  The power of our mind can be used to integrate what we have felt and experienced throughout many lives. We release, feel free, cleanse our chakras and other things we never realized we had.  Did you know you have 3 types of ego to plough through? Learn to differentiate between them. The first couple of heart petals we are very familiar with, and they are: 


  •  Heart Petal No. 1  Overcoming Weakness and Understanding Strength
  •  Heart Petal No. 2  Overcoming Jealousy and Becoming Free 


But as we progress onward, so does our development of the divine in us.  When we reach heart petal no. 9, we are amazed at the difference between earthly intelligence which can be studied and learned, and wisdom, which we "tune" in to naturally and understand heaven, earth and creation. We learn to channel.

During the last three petal openings, we meet our divine self. 

For people who want to succeed in self-development

For those who don¡t know where to start

For those who find that other therapies just aren¡t working.­


Here ¡s something tried and true!


A way to get to the core of joy­! 


Heart Energy contains the energy and the human qualities that are necessary for people to develop and integrate in their minds if they wish to activate SIQ – The Spiritual Intelligence.

When SIQ is activated in the human brain, the brain expands thus allowing more information to flow directly from the soul to the brain.
As a result of this divine wisdom to be more present in our daily lives.




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