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"A human being is a part of a whole, called by us a universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest ... a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.
This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty."
Albert Einstein


SIQ and consciousness
Merete Gundersen
Copyright © 2007

Atomic structure
The human consciousness lives and acts trough the body, mind and the spirit.
The consciousness is the human beings eternal atomic structure, which consists of atomic material that in its foundation consists of light.
Our consciousness is a lightening star constellation.
While we are incarnated on earth, we have a physical body consisting of heavy atoms, which makes the consciousness light a low frequency; hence we are not that fast thinking compared to when we are pure spirit.

Our consciousness consists of

  • The thinking, intelligent consciousness
  • The dreaming consciousness
  • The souls consciousness
  • The spirit consciousness

The leading organ, which controls our consciousness, while we live on Earth, is the brain.

The brain is a middle station between our physical body, mind and spirit. The brain is a co-controller of all the organs of the body completely to the level of cell. The code to activate firstly the soul and secondly the spirit lies in our DNA, and it is activated through centres in the brain that is activated through the thoughts, we think and the light in the aura.

We have many kinds of thoughts – and all thoughts vibrate in a slight area of energy that can activate neurons in the brain and through that activates our thinking. When we are dreaming, we dream in pictures and these pictures contain a slight electromagnetic frequency, which activates and make the neutrons to create a lively activity, while we are sleeping. This is the way in which the consciousness works during the sleep.

The consciousness works always – both when we are resting, while we are awake, when we are talking, when we are singing, when we are dancing, when we are happy, when we are angry, when we meditate and when we visualise. The consciousness is never calm.

When and if we feel totally without thoughts as if nothing is happening, there is a lively activity, because it is in the deepest silence that the soul and spirit is able to sent messages from the brain through inner pictures, which we can understand and translate into knowledge. These messages
from the soul and spirit is of a more delicate carat than the ones we are able to think through our thinking mind, because these information from the soul is totally beyond the control of the ego and full of love and accept of everything.

When we receive information from the soul and when the light of the soul activates the brain, our SIQ® - The Spiritual Intelligence is activated. It is very important that we learn how to activate the SIQ® because it gives an extra dimension, whereby the life and the consciousness way of working becomes optimal and we become whole human beings. We are better able to create new things, because the thinking becomes more flexible and less conforming.

A Road map to the mind


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Functional brain imaging helps scientists understand the relationship between particular types of mental activity and particular areas of the brain, by charting which regions experience increased blood flow or metabolism or electromagnetic activity over time. It’s a step beyond CT scans, or CAT scans, which can map the brain’s structure but not its functions. Click on the link above to learn more about three technologies used for functional brain

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The biochemistry of the consciousness
Merete Gundersen
Copyright © 2007


We are spirits having a physical experience,
and physical beings having a spiritual experience


The biochemistry of the consciousness
We are all born with a consciousness life, which lies latent in our ground aura. We are not able to change this ground aura; it will be the same through this incarnation. It has build-in a light, which is optimal for the consciousness to work through and it has the effect to constantly activating our karmic life through the light frequency of the thoughts and the light intelligence.

Around the ground aura you find our aura of thoughts, which is the electromagnetic energy form, we constantly are creating through our thoughts. These thoughts influence via the aura energy our biochemistry to all organs and cells. This thinking aura is the consciousness biochemistry influence to the human mind. Therefore, it is possible for all of us to change our biochemistry, which we are able to do among other methods through visualisation.

Recent research shows that the nerve system reacts just as strongly at pictures, which we merely imagine in the fantasy; these pictures are the as pictures we are able to see with the bare eye. With modern scanners it is possible to show that the optical centre of the brain acts as if we are seeing even though we have our eyes closed. But what is it than that activates the optical centre? It is the spiritual intelligence, which also can be called the intelligence of the soul.

This is activated through inner thinking and through the higher guidance of the soul. Inner knowledge from the centre of the soul creates inner pictures at a spiritual picture of the world, because it is in that way the human beings on Earth best understands the information from their highest, ethic level and sea of wisdom.

The consciousness biochemistry is the ability to conscious to use the consciousness in order to achieve a life consisting of love, happiness and accept.

To use your consciousness to constructively healing of yourself and others
We use all the time our consciousness; it is active day and night. We can choose to be great co-controllers of how we use the consciousness. We can also use the consciousness actively to healing and visualisation.

Healing is a specific sensitive way of treatment, which can be used by all people solely if they focus their mind to sent healing. Healing is about love, prayer and unselfish way of thinking.

When we are working with healing, it is important that we work with all our light bodies. It is in the light bodies we first see possible sicknesses and imbalances. By using crystals, esoteric oils, sounds and other energetic remedies to heal the various light bodies, we will influence the physical body’s magnetism.

When we rebuild the energies in the light bodies, new impulses float into the physical body and from this point it floats further into the blood cells, where it begins to rebuild the balance in the blood. It is very important for recovery of all forms of diseases – not only the difficult ones such as cancer but also the more easy ones such as a flue, a cold, etc.

When we are pulling at these healing, cosmic powers, it is not only in the cells that the balance is rebuilt. There is also renewed energy to the inner microscopic life that lives in the whole body all the time. It is swarming with little micro organism needing “irradiation” from the “higher” worlds. It is from this point that the purest energy is streaming; an energy, which creates optimal life to all of cells. Healing is possible due to the inherent characters and qualities of the light.

We are all ”born healers”, because we all through the light and our brain are able to send thoughts and a flow of thoughts, pictures and a flow of pictures. These are moving as a kind of radio waves to the sensitive receiver, who perhaps is living several hundred kilometres away from the place, where the healer is staying.

We are also able to send a flow of pictures with our own, inner organs to relieve sicknesses and imbalances. This is called “self-healing”. We are also able to send a flow of pictures, when we execute distance healing or we are healing by physical touch.

When we execute healing and visualisation it is possible to gain the highest effect. It applies whatever we are healing others or we execute self-healing. The limits for what we are able to heal lies in our belief upon whether we have an influence upon our own lives. It the belief is strong and there is send a flow of thoughts and pictures into the body, these are creating wonders at the physical, biological body and it also influences the physical health.

When people’s ulterior motive is their sincere care for the fellow human being, healing is always working both concerning distance healing and healing to physical people; hence all human beings are capable of healing.Peoples ulterior motive are the thoughts that originally is in agreement with Gods flow of thoughts. The original flow of thoughts creates spectra-lines of the Gods light and further more fractal patterns in the universe. The brain responds all the time to these ulterior motive and fractal patters, which is activated of and by the light and coded in our DNA.

The intelligence of silence

The thing being in silence is a great energy discharge. The anatomy of silence is the place, where the great creation has its source. During silence thoughts are transferred as a sound track on a CD. Silence is an energy structure in which you are capable of influencing yourself and others. We influence hereby not only other people through what we say and write but also through silence.

In silence your consciousness is the highest readiness, because there is nothing from outside to disturb. The consciousness uses the brain as a refuse disposal channel to form energy which is sent from the brain and into the aura and therefore gives you the charisma, which you give to your surroundings.

Silence and consciousness

We are living a life in anxiety. We are filling our lives with activities day and night because we think that we in this way really are getting a lot out of life. But it this true? It may be wise to ask yourself if it is. Are there others ways of living your life?

We are following the stream without stopping. We do not stop until we e.g. are hit by a sickness, and then we are also lying there, which often will activate new thoughts. And we need new ways of thinking, if we want to change our life.

When and if we want to change our behaviour, one of the ways can be by actively working with our soul and spirit. It is nothing to do with religious matters or thinking in a traditional manner but rather about working with the consciousness and what we do through our consciousness.

When we conscious are using our consciousness to calm down the brain and get it calm, we are reaching the centre of the material. When we reach the centre, the activity is serious.When we are sleeping, we are in our sleep passing through many phases.The brain is working in various phases and while we are in the deepest sleep, there is a heavy brain activity from which we are able to conclude that in silence or what we think is silence, there is a lively activity at the neuron level in the brain.

Therefore – what are we using this sleep, which we call the space of silence, to? We are using it to create inner flows of pictures; hence we are programming ourselves through flows of pictures – and we are or can be in a deeply contact with our own inner life.



Heart and Spirituality
By Merete Gundersen
Copyright© 2007


A connection of heart, brain, soul and spirit

Copying Thoughts
The brain is the organ via which we as human beings are living and acting. No brains work exactly alike, and no human beings use their brains in exactly the same way.

The brain consists of many centres and has an innate incredible and multifarious intelligence. Human beings use only a very small part of their brain capacity, and what we use is often a repeat of old acquired patterns, which we can activate and re-use very quickly.

Today’s ruling idea on the frame of understanding of human evolution is often being repeated again and again; this makes an exact knowledge general and normal. It becomes the truth about the way things are, so to speak.

Therefore, all new knowledge or attempts to create new ideas will always be difficult, because normally such knowledge and ideas will at first be rejected as unusable knowledge and insight. This happens because continuously we take out copying thoughts from the brain, and because we are far from using the capacity of our brains.

In a way we are subject to the copy thinking ability of the brain. Because all thoughts are cooperating in creating our emotional life neither only minor evolution derives from using the copying brain nor developing of our emotions. The copying mind is taking part in checking the evolution on earth. When we like to use the copying mind it is because in that way we recognize our emotions, and because only rarely we want changes, we stick to this, or we can say that we remain in a firm pattern.

Often we repeat actions and consequently emotions of no benefit to us; this is due to the force of habit and the stream of thoughts magnetically tied to the brain structure. Exactly as a robot we repeat the same familiar patterns of action, also when it comes to negative thoughts and emotions.

However, when we turn away from the force of habit we experience other emotions of life, and in this can be found the great creation of new thinking.

Some people may claim that evolution is running too fast, and that a lot of things are continuously happening on earth. This is true, because visionary people exist, but the human evolution works very slowly for humanity. And exactly in this new human spectre the SIQ, i.e. the spiritual intelligence, can be of very much use, because the spiritual intelligence opens up for the human access to soul and spirit. Used in the right way it always leads to greater love and greater love of one’s neighbour with better understanding of charity thoughts.

The Point of God
As human beings we possess an ideal brain structure, which we can use in production of knowledge for use in our own development and thus for the evolution of the planet.

Our brain of genius must be permanently activated, and this happens via the many inputs received during the day; however, the brain of most human beings has an extra – dormant – dimension called the point of God.  The point of God and all its insights are described in details by Danah Zohar & Ian Marshall in their book, i.e. “Spiritual Intelligence SQ – the Ultimate Intelligence”.

Perceptions via the point of God are serene experiences of thoughts, ideas, visions, and insights of genius, but also include experiences of inner images of God, Virgin Mary, angles, or other holy figures.

To activate this, part of the brain creates flow, spiritual experiences, new thoughts of genius, great art like music for instance, and the result is a non-conform mind – often out of line of the mind of the surrounding world.

It is believed that human beings possessing this exact kind of intelligence are often artists or at worst subject to mental diseases. This is an incorrect assumption; used in the right or well balanced way such persons are both very visionary and producers of new thinking.

As an artist one is rarely belonging to the group of people designated as mentally disabled; however, if a person cannot be connected to a group, or if a person is spiritually interested, this person will often be designated as mentally disabled.

This is the reason that many spiritually interested human beings do not reveal their spiritual experiences, their insights, and their philosophy of life. It is simply not acceptable.

This is where we are on the move as human beings. We need to get the established system opened up to the insights, on which the entire world picture of humanities is built.

The desire is a better dialogue, openness, and acceptance of the fact that our brain experiences everything, and that the brain is the most substantial evolution potential of humanity.

So we all have a point of God via which we can experience our own innate divinity, an insight, and knowledge of resources.

Through the point of God we are in contact with our soul and our spiritual aspect, and through the point of God we open up to better and broader emotions.

Fertile ideas flow to us in the same way, and also a good deal of our new thoughts flow to us through the point of God.  The energy of the point of God is activating the neurones to a faster activity.

The streams of thoughts and light sent by spiritual helpers are so intense and have such a high frequency that a kind of over-activity is being produced in the interactive “firing” of the neurones; this may create imbalances for some human beings, and it may also cause that some human beings will suffer from migraine or minor epileptic fits.

Under normal circumstances and in a normal development no nuisance will be experienced with the activation of the spiritual intelligence.

Rather, the exact emotions the person will achieve are great visions, extreme feeling of happiness, joy, optimism, and peace, when the spiritual intelligence is active; however, one of the abilities obviously being activated by use of the spiritual intelligence is the ability to create new ideas, i.e. accessibility to our fertile brain.



Expanded Emotion and Fertile Mind
By Merete Gundersen
Copyright© 2007


The Birth of Ideas
Rarely, an idea can be referred to a specific starting point, when a person is awake and in a state of day conscience.

Often ideas cannot be referred to one starting point. They may be planted or activated by discussions, events of life, reflections on the past, reading and learning experiences, meetings of the past, yesterday or many years ago.

Often ideas are born in the company of other persons, through inputs from your computer, your television, magazines, newspapers, and observations you make on the basis of the way your life is, and depending on the persons or the interests you deal with, and in general your understanding of life.

Vacuum, the Empty Room

Scientists deal with the concept of vacuum, i.e. the empty room; however, a room is never completely empty.

When visualizing we discover that a completely empty room does not exist – or in another way – you cannot experience complete empty-headedness; from a vacuum you will always via consciousness connect to something, either an idea, a thought, or a feeling created in vacuum.

In fact the room of silence is the room of creation. It can be said that movement can be found in vacuum – only another kind of movement, a more creative and calm movement. Because less particles or thoughts are involved, allowing ideas to arouse in vacuum; however, what has created  ideas can never perish in vacuum. Many human beings get ideas through their dreams when they are asleep.

We can all create fertile ideas – both in day-dreams and in dreams during the night. Ideas appear when we have flow, and fertile ideas are created when very special regions of the brain are being activated.

The ability of creating fertile ideas is innately included in the human brain; however, the ability can be developed to contain a more substantial part of our life. Fertile ideas are visionary thinking and we are especially receptive when we are working with what interest us most. Fertile ideas are also evolutionary life, because fertile ideas create growth for ourselves and thus for humanity.



Everybody get ideas continuously, but it is well known that some people have more fertile ideas than others, and some people are better than others in going through with the ideas.

The brain consists of approx. 100 billions of nerve cells, also named neurones. They build up electrical signals and transmit them to some of the many thousands of other neurones, with which they are each connected. When the brain works, each neurone will receive signals from many other neurones, and some neurones will want it to transmit the signal, others will prevent it.

We all use a very small part of our brain, but we are able to develop it continuously. Some people assume that the “boost” we can do to our brain is limited, but the SIQ experiences no limit to such “boosts”.

In order for us to use our brain and develop it, it is necessary that our emotional life undergoes training and coaching, because we can only live through what our emotion can handle. In other words, we are what we think and what our emotions “tell” us to do.

In order for the brain to do its utmost the upper layer of the brain (i.e. the cerebral cortex) must have an optimal cooperation with the layer in between, i.e. the limnetic system. Here the individual’s thoughts and emotions shall be able to cooperate in good balance.

Thoughts and emotions have continuous, mutual access. However, if we try to force the brain to produce a quick result such processes will easily be disturbed.

First of all the limnitic system may be influenced by emotional frustration, which will cause that the cerebral cortex cannot work optimally.

Secondly, imbalance may occur between the right and the left cerebral hemisphere. As soon as the intellectual insist terminates, the brain will be able to work more freely, and this will produce the idea, if we do not have too many emotional imbalances, because emotional imbalances are influencing our fertile ideas. Our thoughts of genius may be blocked by emotions, and ideas cannot be expressed and thus not unfolded.

It is in no way a new thesis that sleep creates new ideas. It happens because during sleep our day conscience cannot influence our emotions and in this way make the mind “flow” freely. Already 150 years ago it was a common idea that the history-making discoveries of many great inventors were inspired by their dreams.




SIQ – Amygdala – and the Third Eye
By Merete Gundersen
Copyright© 2007

Activation of Amygdala
When we open up for what we call the third eye, we open up for new dimensions of knowledge and insight.

We open up for this dimension through meditation and visualizing, but first of all by making the brain relax and make it give up normal thinking in grooves. This makes room for the expression of a human being’s inner life. It opens up for an unequalled creativity, expanded intelligence, peace and love, and our super-emotional abilities will be aroused.

This is the entrance to your SIQ – your spiritual intelligence.

A hypothesis claims the existence of special consciousness neurones which can be activated by light. Special, specific consciousness neurones become active, however, they have not yet been charted. It is not mainstream neurology, but on a long view this may prove no longer a hypothesis but reality.

The individual gain of conscious training and activation of the amygdala will bring out the utmost potential.

Look at- The Amazing Brain Music Adventure, by Neil Slade

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Here you can see Neil Slade on You Tube -  Activating the amygdala


More information about the reptile brain and the amygdala



Thought’s magic ability to renew our cells
By Merete Gundersen
Copyright© 2005



The fact that thoughts can renew your cells is probably not something you have given much thought. But looking back on your life you will clearly be able to see how your cells have developed just by looking at yourself in the mirror.

When the cells in the body degenerate we also call it getting old. The cells in our body are preprogrammed from birth to eventually die. One might say that the cells in the body are preprogrammed to have a certain life expectancy. Even though our body is designed to decay in this way it is not without significance how we treat our cells.

The brain is an active organ which is autonomous in the process of deciding whether a cell is healthy or unhealthy. However the brain is also an operative organ from which all thought are devised. This interplay contributes to keeping the cell alive. Therefore the in- and outflow of thoughts are co- determining for how the cell develops in a healthy environment in the body. The big question here would be “How much can thoughts alone determine”?

We have not taken into account why, what or how diet, fluids, vitamins or minerals influence the cells and what impact this has on physical life and development of the cells.

This alone looks at how the in- and out flow of thoughts can influence the cell, and in doing so also influence the physical body, as well as what a healthy psychological environment can do for the growth of cells.

Cells are the core of life and there would be no life without activity in the cell. Thought is what triggers all the chemical processes in the body.

All this has now been scientifically proven. Look belove

New Science

Think beyond your genes
©By DR. Bruce Lipton


Dr. Bruce Lipton

Dr. Bruce Lipton author of  the book BIOLOGY OF BELIEF, Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles. He is a former medical school professor and research scientist at Stanford University School of Medicine.  

Through his experiments, examining in exquisite detail the molecular mechanisms by which cells process information and his palpable passion for the amazing world of the cell. He has demonstrated that genes do not control our health and behavior, but that it is our thoughts that influence the genes and therefore the cells, and therefore, these influences include our perceptions and beliefs.  

He shows that our beliefs, true or false, positive or negative, affect genetic activity and actually alter our genetic code. 

Dr. Lipton's profoundly hopeful work, being hailed as one of the major breakthroughs in the New Sciences, shows how we can retrain our consciousness to create healthy beliefs, and by doing so intentionally create positive effect on our bodies and our lives. 

Watched tree ours video with Bruce Lipton – a great experience true his scientific world about cell communication 



Science about The Spiritual Intelligence

The Concioness and the pineal gland

The Tird Eye
The Third Eye can see beyond the physical,into higher frequencies.
The pineal gland is occasionally associated with the sixth chakra (also called Ajna or the third eye chakra in yoga). It is believed by some to be a dormant organ or black hole that can be awakened in Entered to enable,Third eye vision "telepathic" communication and Astral Travel.

In the physical body the eye views objects upside down. It sends the image of what it observes to the brain which interprets the image and makes it appear right side-up to us.

But the human body has another physical eye whose function has long been recognized by humanity. It is called the 'Third Eye' which in reality is the Pineal Gland. It is long thought to have mystical powers. Many consider it the Spiritual Third Eye, our Inner Vision.

The Pineal Gland is about the size of a pea, and is in the center of the brain in a tiny cave behind and above the pituitary gland which lies a little behind the root of the nose. It is located directly behind the eyes, attached to the third ventricle

The pineal gland contains a complete map of the visual field of the eyes

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